Sho, i know you dont want health excuses anymore. So I hope that when you leave, you'll fulfill what YOU want. Doesn't matter what people are saying about those pictures. YOU know the truth. Do things for yourself, not to prove anyone wrong. I don't want you to feel mad at me or anything. I just want you to stop acting like all the shit those people are saying about you is real. You've been through some though shit. If you can't take this any longer, do what you feel is right.

Which is why im going. When people call you things over and over, the earth makes it come true. An Im not about to let people who dont know me ruin me.

Jul 26 17:02 ( 6 )
   What? Gone already? You promised to post a proof.

I said I would post it when im done, and obviously im not done yet

Jul 26 16:40 ( 4 )
   I bet youre losing followers huh? You deserve it.

Of course I’m losing followers, because no one cares about the truth
And I don’t care either, I’m gone.

Jul 26 16:38 ( 2 )


Check your inbox everyone - I picked the winners of the last two giveaways just now

Okay, they replied so I guess this is bye? Bye baes ill miss u

Jul 26 16:36 ( 7 )
   Do you actually want to leave tumblr?

I dont want to but I can’t handle, so yes, im leaving because im weak and I don’t want to deal with it

Jul 26 16:32 ( 10 )

Check your inbox everyone - I picked the winners of the last two giveaways just now

Jul 26 16:24 ( 7 )
   Shosho,take a deep breath pls. I've been following you for a while and I know you're really nice. Now. regardless whether you reposted that edit or not, you're acting way too immaturely, hun :/ I know I'd probably act like you, but calm down pls. I know you're mature for your age, so act like you usually do, pls:(

I tried but I don’t even know what to do now. U should see what people are sending me,and im glad they are sending it (send more) I get to see all the fake people I was with. And I trusted .
Its sick also, how u can say die so easily. Its disgusting. Over a picture? That u dont even know about. Look at how sick YOU are. Of course control and power is more important than basic human rights. ITS CALLED BULLYING. and im reporting every.single. one

Jul 26 16:18 ( 7 )
   It doesn't really matter to me if you reposted those edits or if they actually belong to you. What really matters is your health and wellbeing. We all go through tough times in life but you shouldn't let this affect you to the point that it will mess up your health. Maybe you should turn off anon or get off of tumblr ... Or go outside and get some fresh air. Watch a movie or a show. Do something to get your mind of this. Please don't cry :( I'm really worried for you. Best of luck!

Im going to do that after I finish with this picture
Thank you

Jul 26 16:14 ( 9 )
   Wow you completely missed the point on that one. You're only feeling miserably sorry for yourself, thus turning everything said to you as an attack. Even when people are trying to be nice

I dont feel sorry for myself, what are you? Really. So now u can go into my mind and tell me what I feel?

Jul 26 16:12 ( 1 )
   You're really making this a pity party for yourself, aren't you

Of course, I can go into people’s minds and make them feel sorry for me
Watch out everyone, not only do I lie and repost, I can make people feel sorry for me , because I can go into their mind and tell them how to feel.

Jul 26 16:07 ( 5 )
   Please, stop threatening people who care about you that you'll leave. Ah, right, you don't care about anyone except yourself.

Exactly, im a selfish liar of course

Jul 26 16:02 ( 1 )
   Are you still re-doing the edit? I'm waiting for you to prove your point so people will shut up ;;

I AM, then I’m going to post it. And then I’m going to leave.

Jul 26 15:56 ( 2 )
   Hi sweetie. I love you & your edits but perhaps you should take a break from tumblr? Your health isn't that great & you don't need to be so upset and stressed out. Tumblr isn't worth risking more health issues.

Please stop using my health as an excuse, send me everything uve ever wanted to say.
I want to hear it.

Jul 26 15:55 ( 1 )
   How can you be so rude to people who only wish you nice? That anon "Please never stop laughing. Please never stop smiling..." just wanted to cheer you up and the only response is "why"?? You don't deserve such loyal followers.

Im horrible arnt I

Jul 26 15:47 ( 3 )
   why don't you turn anon off? Please do me a favor and don't allow anonymous asks anymore. I'm begging you

No let them say everything they need to

Jul 26 15:44 ( 2 )