I'm gonna miss seeing you on here, but I'm happy that you have come to peace with your life and what you want to do. I'll keep in touch with you on Insta! Stay healthy love! <3

Of course I will, and thankx so much :) and yep, let’s keep in touch

Aug 11 23:09 ( 2 )
   Awww sad to see you go~ T^T loved your blog to bits and pieces! :* Take care of yourself :)

Same to you babe, thank you!!

Aug 11 23:09 ( 1 )
   Thank you for creating this amazing blog! Im sorry that youve been sad and i hope you feel a lot better after you leave! Take care, you will be missed very much. I love you!

I love you as well :)

Aug 11 21:31 ( 3 )
   Its sad to see one of my fav bloggers depart.. Anyhow! Take care of yourself love~ Your blog will be missed dearly!! x *sends you lots of love*

Thank you so much dearrr :)

Aug 11 21:31 ( 3 )
   Ahh sad to see you leaving ;.; Take care of yourself, okay?

I will :)))33

Aug 11 21:21 ( 3 )
   do what's best for yourself and take care ヽ(;▽;)ノ we will miss you ;;;

I love you
So much
So so
SOS sosososos
/landslide of love//
Thank you so
Im going to cry now because I love you t-t and im going to miss you so hard T-T

Aug 11 21:14 ( 6 )
   I know you've heard this already but I'm sad you're leaving! T.T Your blog made my dash sparkle *throws glitter* but you have a lot of good things going for you and you gotta do what's best for you, right ^^


Aug 11 21:08 ( 3 )
   take care of yourself, sweetheart <3

I will t-t thank you bae

Aug 11 21:07 ( 1 )
   If you want to leave, we understand! We dont want you to be sad anymore, please smile and be happy like you deserve to be! We love you sho, and i will personally miss you very much. See you on IG! <3

Nicest. Message. Of . All. Time.

Aug 11 21:06 ( 9 )
   good-bye! keep us updated about yourself on instagram!

I will bae lol :) u can count on it

Aug 11 21:05 ( 1 )
   Ever since I joined this fandom my priorities have gone out of was so I understand what ur going thru. I shouldve been starting my college apps nd etc but instead ive been on here. even my mom says im too invested in them; its not benefiting me so...

Do what you think is best, I mean that’s what I’m doing honestly.. I hope u find answers soon and I wish u luck on whatever o my decide bae :)

Aug 11 21:05 ( 2 )
   did this all occur from that incident a week or two back? or was it something you've been feeling for a while now?

Honestly I’ve been feeling like it for like a few months now, but the incidents that occurred really opened my eyes. It made me see all the time I honestly wasted although I was doing something I loved
I edit for a photographer now, An I must say, it has been absolutely AWESOME so far
And a government website asked me to code for them :) so I will still be doing what I love, but with purpose
And im excited about it allllll
And dont get me wrong, tumblr taught me alot , and I will miss it , and the sweet people who coloured in my grey days

Aug 11 21:03 ( 11 )
   You do whatever you need to, sorry to hear that tumblr has made you feel bad, good luck with everything!! I hope once you've not on it you begin to feel better and more positive =] *hug*

I will :) but I will DEFINATELY miss people like you
And all my sweet babies t-t
Well most of u have my kakao/ or insta, so we won’t lose contact

Aug 11 20:56 ( 3 )
   I'm gonna miss your blog so much, but I totally respect your decision to go and I hope you can be happy and healthy outside of tumblr sweetie. (I really should do this because I tried it twice and I just came back and that's not healthy).

I tried once, and failed, but this time im extremely determined , I mean , because I have enough to keep me busy
I mean u can do what you want to, but I hope u do what u think is right and best for you, and I wish u luck

Aug 11 20:53 ( 4 )
   it's sad to know that you're leaving...but it's understandable and i wish you the best ^.^

Thank you :)

Aug 11 20:51